AS carnival season approaches, one former carnival queen has been looking back over her years spent as royalty.

Val Womersley, 80 from Hilperton was crowned Butterfly Queen at Trowbridge Carnival in 1950 aged 11.

It is a memories she looks back on fondly after only entering for fun on the promise that her sister in law would make her a dress.

Mrs Womersley said: “I can remember it so vividly, I will never ever forget it.

“Every time I think about I feel as if I am reliving it even all these years on.

“It was the biggest thing that ever happened to me, we were so poor and my siblings and I didn’t have what other kids had. We didn’t miss it as we didn’t know any different, but I was going to work before I could have a bike.

“So to be treated like royalty was just such a special experience which I get rather emotional thinking about.

“It was so special to have a dress made for me, I only owned one other dress so that in its self was so exciting.

“The crowning was one of the highlights for me, it was just like you see on the television and we were treated just like queens.

"I will forever hold that year and those memories in my heart, as it was the best time of growing up in a rather poor family."

Former carnival queens are being encouraged to come forward to take part in this year's carnival on an exclusive royalty of the past float.

Trowbridge carnival committee chairman, Maryrose Mantle will be holding a coffee morning on Saturday (September 28) from 11am at Valeroso Lounge, St Stephen's Place for all past carnival royalty.

She said: "All past carnival royalty are invited to chat about their experiences and to take up the offer of actually taking part in the carnival procession this year."

The Trowbridge carnival will take place on October 19 from 7pm.

To join the carnival procession, you can dress up and be one of the bucket collectors. Clubs, groups and businesses can contact