We bought the news to you about an announcement for plans to build a £75m link road around Chippenham, in a bid to put an end to gridlock in the town.

Wiltshire Council and Chippenham Council have put in a bid for government money to build a relief road around the eastern side of town, and say they are confident’ it could be accepted.

The town will find out if the bid has been successful by December and if approved, the road could be up and running in the next six years.

People had lots to say about this on Facebook:

Mark Coombes: Two river crossings, a tunnel under the Trainline, an intersection with the A4 and many miles of green field development protests. Good luck!!

Terry Buchanan: Chippenham within an encircling wall of vehicle exhaust fumes. The cleanliness of the rural air was once a place where children could thrive and survive. Whatever way the wind blows from across the Great Wall Of Chipp, everyone will breathe the exhaust until their life is exhausted.

Robin Hodson: Of course, an Eastern bypass (and others, further out) will have to happen eventually, but traditionally new housing funds it and it's done in phases.

Jeff Kirk: Build the road,then fill the space in between,then another school plus Hospital.

Geoff Endacott: The council has just declared a climate emergency. How many more roads do they want to build?

Robin Hodson: Relief road? We've got at least four relief roads currently.

Margaret Harrison: Another one that takes people miles out of their way.

There was news that after the collapse of holiday company Thomas Cook, independent travel agent, Howard Travel, were very busy with calls from concerned holiday goers .

The Trowbridge Thomas Cook shop will not be opening its doors again after the announcement, resulting in thousands of employees potentially losing their job across the country.

Here are some of your opinions from Facebook:

Petra Tabaczynska: Thinking about the 9000 people who have lost their jobs and instead of worrying about a missed holiday, they have to worry about paying mortgages/rent and where the money may come from. ATOL is not refunding them.

Adam Cooksey: Extremely sad for the staff but looking forward to another charity shop or coffee chain replacing it.

Lisa Bowman: Having worked in the industry for 28 years this marks a sad day. I have recently moved to the UK sector of the trade. I hope all the amazing staff find a new job soon.

Chris Stretch Sims: That's another empty shop in Trowbridge then. I hope the staff can find alternative employment soon.

Mary Thurlow: All those poor people loss of a job think about them not some holiday.

Jerry Watson: When they asked for 900 million last month said it all.

We reported that there was a call for action on climate change and Bradford on Avon children took part in the global campaign to force national governments to declare a climate emergency.

Children from three Bradford on Avon schools, Fitzmaurice and Christchurch primary schools and St Laurence secondary school took part in a rally at Westbury Gardens.

They urged the government to take action now to help stop climate change by reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2025.

Here are some of your views from Facebook:

Joan Randall: They were probably flying off on holiday during the school holidays so decided to protest during term time.

Kay Louise Allen: How many parents drove to the school to walk with their children in protest about climate change.

Ray Thomas: How many trees had to be cut down for the placards! Climate change ? perhaps more thought before protesting.

Frances Bigwood: There is a time and a place for everything but not when education is affected!

Paul Ivory: I hope the school fines all the parents for the children not attending school. I hope OFSTED penalises all the schools for all the unauthorised absences.

Gary Moore: People seem to he missing the point here. These children are learning a vital lesson in maintaining the world we live in and the responsibility that comes with that.