THE mayor of Trowbridge has announced he plans to hold a conference in February 2020 to encourage more people to volunteer in the town.

Councillor David Cavill has spoken about how he plans to hold the conference Our Trowbridge Community which would bring willing volunteers together to benefit the community.

In a recent meeting other councillors agreed that the conference would be a good idea.

Cllr Cavill said: “The prime objective of my mayoral year is to attract more volunteers to support the already significant work being done in the community, by raising the profile of and more fully integrating the work of local community groups and charities.

“Whether they ferry the elderly and infirm to and from appointments, manage cadet forces, focus on leisure and sporting activities, keep our meadows, parks and cemeteries pristine, or care for the lonely and vulnerable of all ages.

“While deputy mayor I also discovered that many organisations were doing fabulous work but were often unaware of others working in parallel.

“I believe that everyone can benefit from conversation, cooperation and collaboration.

“By bringing together the many dozens of volunteer groups, associations and leisure societies which are so active in Trowbridge, I believe we can help the community and help each other.

“The conference will be an opportunity to explore ways in which we can work together more effectively, avoid duplication and perhaps fill in some gaps.

“One key problem is that those currently organising groups are, by and large, those who would like to hand over to younger people many of whom are prepared to volunteer but are reluctant to take on the committee work which is so essential.”

Cllr Cavill has approached various organisations who are enthusiastic and the council agreed they would support this by raising funds.

Our Trowbridge Community will be held at The Civic Centre at a date to be confirmed.