BOUNDARY changes have been confirmed across Wiltshire, which will see 98 councillors represent people who live in Wiltshire equally.

Each councillor will have a ward of around 4,200 people and has taken into consideration numerous housing plans for the county over the next few years.

Cllr Richard Clewer who spearheaded the council's response to proposals said: "We are broadly pleased, the changes have largely avoided urban communities and rural villages being combined, which is important.

"In places like Ethandune they have listened to us and kept the villages separate to Westbury. A village like Dilton Marsh is very different to a town, and people have separate issues."

Amongst its recommendations, the review kept Station Hill, St. Marys Place and Monkton Hill within the Monkton division in Chippenham.

Cllr Nick Murry,said “I am pleased the Commission has looked carefully at the evidence and came to a sensible conclusion, taking proper account of community interests and local identity. Monkton Hill, St. Marys Place and Station Hill are historically and socially part of Monkton Ward and the majority of residents said that they did not want this to change.”

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