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Wrong target

I refer to Sqn Ldr Phil Lobb’s letter in the 27th September issue. He criticises the church, but the church is a gathering of people including the clergy, church wardens and regular church-goers, all of whom were apparently very upset by the Sqn Ldr’s attribution of blame.

The decision to hold that type of service was made by a representative of Trowbridge RAF Association on behalf of the branch. The service was well attended by veterans of all three military services and other organisations, including a large contingent of RAF cadets. Standards were carried and were presented at the altar during the service. RAF heroes both past and more recent were covered in the sermon and prayers. Last year, the centenary of the formation of the RAF, a full Battle of Britain service was held at St James. During last Sunday’s service the Rector announced that next year a full Battle of Britain service would be held – but separately and in the afternoon - thanks to a request by an RAF veteran.

Naturally all ex-RAF veterans agree wholeheartedly with Sqn Ldr Lobb’s comments about ‘the few’ having saved Britain from invasion in 1940 – it is a shame that his letter contained inappropriate criticism of the church.

Wg Cdr Mike Sale, RAF (retired)

Fires of hatred

This has been a deeply disturbing week for our Parliament, Government and the rule of law.

Our most senior judges declare that the Prime Minister has acted ‎unlawfully and provided false advice to Her Majesty the Queen, yet he offers no word of apology.

His most senior No. 10 adviser describes death threats received by female MPs as “a walk in the park” and ‎is not sacked. Parliament passes a law and the Government declare they will not necessarily obey the law that avoids the disaster of a “no deal” Brexit.

The Government expel 21 of their own MPs, and demand that there should a vote of ‘no confidence’ in themselves.

Locally James Gray MP announces on BBC West that Johnson is “negotiating a complex deal” - really?

There’s just four weeks left and he’s in Manchester and not Brussels.No author with a taste for far-fetched fantasy could have produced such a script. But sadly, it is all true.

These actions put our parliamentary democracy at risk‎ and stoke deeply dangerous fires of hatred and extremism, something that is not what we regard as part of our national character and most of us are appalled by.

A change of Government and the calling of a General Election may not be far away.

Voters can then choose whether they want a fresh alternative to the polarisation of Johnson’s ‘far Right’ Tories ‎or Corbyn’s ‘far Left’ Socialists.

Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats are ready to provide just that, so come with us and lets together build a better tomorrow.

Dr Brian Mathew, Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for North Wiltshire, Wiltshire Councillor for Box & Colerne

Unnecessary path

Wiltshire Council is currently constructing, at considerable expense, a foot and cycle path alongside part of County Way in Trowbridge.

This is a completely unnecessary project. Easy and safe alternative routes have always been available for pedestrians and cyclists. Even as a dedicated cycle path it will simply be a short stretch with no possibility of extending it at either end.

There was virtually no public consultation about the development, and I have yet to meet a town or county councillor who agrees with it. I understand that the funding is from an earmarked source other than council tax. Nevertheless, the scheme is a criminal waste of precious resources at a time of severe cutbacks in areas such as social care and children’s services.

How on earth was the proposal approved? Surely there was a way of diverting the funds allocated to this unwanted project into other much more needed services?

Paul Williams, Eastbourne Road, Trowbridge

Sweeping up

As the owner of a business in the town for the last twenty years it has been very discouraging watching and experiencing the overall decline in cleanliness standards.

Myself and my team try very hard to keep our area clean and attractive with floral displays, festive lighting and sweeping the exterior on a daily basis.

Many other small businesses in the town also make a huge effort and it is very demoralising when people call the town dirty. So I would like to thank the Town Council for addressing this and adding to the cleaning of our town with the introduction of the road sweeper.

It has already worked wonders with myself and others noticing the overall improvement. Hopefully this will encourage people to take more pride in our town and think twice before they litter. Once again thank you to Carl and the team.

Tracy Parker, Leykers, White Hart Yard, Trowbridge

Litter picking

Cllr Bates and I are delighted to announce we will be holding our second Drynham Litter and Weed Pick this Saturday between 2pm and 4pm. We will meet at the corner of Rutland Crescent and Dursley Road.

Tools will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own, and stay for as little or as long as you like. If you wish you can let us know you are intending to join us by emailing

Cllr Andrew Bryant, Wiltshire County Council

Ancient woods need protection

I was glad to see your article online Damage Fear in Woodland

As Volunteer Tree Warden for Wiltshire I would like to add the following important point:

That I, plus Thomas Harper of Freshford Environmental Group FLEWG and one other Westwood resident, have all offered on more than one occasion - with phone calls, emails and in person on 16/9/19, to help West Wilts Motor Club find an alternative venue for their trials to Becky Addy Ancient Woodland County Wildlife Site.

And to help with fund raising to this effect.

All three of us have substantial Project Management and Fundraising experience.

Wiltshire Council’s Tree Officer also said at the meeting on 16/9/19 that Wiltshire Council would also help find another location.

Sadly these offers have not received a positive response so far.

We are not against the sport of Motor Bike Scrambling: it is simply that Becky Addie Wood - protected in law by a Woodland TPO (1971 and again 2007) to preserve the regeneration of its seedlings - is not an appropriate place for motorised events.

We sincerely hope that common sense will prevail to prevent another event taking place on October 6th and further damaging the woodland floor

Lou Barry, Westwood, Wiltshire

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