DEVIZES was buzzing on Saturday when all things bees were on display in the Corn Exchange.

Organiser Sophie Butcher chairman of Wiltshire Bee and Honey Day was delighted by how many people enjoyed by hundreds of people keen to become bee keepers or just to try produce made from honey.

People were welcomed by the Wadworth shire horses whose dray was kitted out with promotion for the event which included stalls selling everything from skin care to wine.

The brewery produced a special honey flavoured ale for the show.

Ms Butcher said: "For those familiar with Game of Thrones, there was the chance to taste their thirst quencher of choice - mead - as well as honey beer brewed especially for the day by Rowde microbrewery Devitera.

"Other activities included candle rolling, face painting and exploring inside a virtual hive. There were also a selection of bee-related products including honey, candles and cosmetics, bee-friendly plants and seeds on sale from a variety of suppliers."

Transition Marlborough had a stall run by Milly Carmichael, dressed as a bee, who was showing people how they could help bees flourish by creating bee bombs from clay and filling them with wildflower seeds.

She said: "I am very keen to get schools involved with this initiative."

She said that every teaspoon of honey was the life's work of two honey bees.

Among those selling honey was young beekeeper Lily Rickitt whose father Richard gave a talk for would-be keepers titled So You Want To Keep Bees.

Master beekeeper Lynda Davis explained how bees communicate with each other as well as the importance of comb production.

Wessex Water headline supporters of the show had a stall explaining how visiting green spaces can help improve your health and wellbeing and the many ways to can take part and enjoy the beautiful sites across our region, together with goodies to bring wildlife to your garden.