WARMINSTER: Plans for a two storey house in the garden of a home in West Street have been approved. Locals are concerned that more housing and the potential loss of a garage will increase demand for parking spaces. Philip Gatehouse, of Cuckoo’s Nest Lane said: “This application and possibly future ones from houses on West Street applying to build in gardens that back onto Cuckoos Nest Lane, will add to the current traffic/parking problems in the area. A number of these houses have parking at the back of their properties and if future developments are permitted it will add to the amount of cars that park on West Street and surrounding streets.” Detailing why permission was given, the case officer said: “The agent associated with this case has provided a written note to address third party concerns with regards to parking and drainage. Furthermore, due to concerns regarding the impact of the proposed development on nearby trees, a tree survey was carried out and an arboriculture report was submitted to the council which was subject to review by the council’s tree officer, who raised no objections to the proposal.”

MARLBOROUGH: Permission has been granted for Marlborough College's Kennet Building to be demolished and replaced with a new two storey ‘innovation centre’ for pupils to use.

Officers said: “The existing building is of no architectural merit and its demolition gives no cause for concerns other than in respect of biodiversity, particularly perhaps any use of the building by bats or nesting birds that may be impacted by the demolition, and potential impacts on the adjoining watercourse.” No objections were made apart from calls for formal drainage concerns and biodiversity to be considered.

SEEND: Permission has been granted to allow plans to demolish the post office in the village to make way for more community meeting places. Applicant Jerome McCormack will now be able to move forward with plans to demolish the post office and store building to replace with a shop, café and post office.

Public opinion was split, with 39 letters received, 21 of which were raising concerns including loss of privacy and worries that food and drink smells could be created form the café. However planners ruled that the development could go ahead. Sue Bond of Seend Parish Council said: “We very much hope that Wiltshire Council will approve this planning application and allow the new owner to make the necessary changes that will ensure the long term viability of this much valued community asset.”

GREAT BEDWYN: A Certificate of Lawfulness has been refused after an argument over whether a structure was a mobile home or a free standing building was lost. The structure was put in place in Spaines, a cul de sac in the village. Owners got a crane to move the two halves of the building onto the back of a lorry in an attempt to prove that the house could be made mobile and so should be granted a certificate of lawfulness as a mobile home.

But the parish council did not agree with their argument and said: “ A special temporary steel frame was constructed underneath the crudely divided building and an attempt was made to show that the building could be craned out in two parts and put onto lorries before being replaced back on to the site. We believe the introduction of this extra frame goes to prove that the building was not strictly capable of being mobile in itself.”

Officers ruled: "The structure is not considered to comply with the legal definition of a twin unit caravan. The structure is considered to be classed as a building due to its method of construction and final appearance and character due to its size and permanence. Furthermore, the structure is not considered to be capable of being moved by road from one place to another without damage due to its structural form."

BRADFORD ON AVON: (pictured)A new town council "Explore Bradford On Avon" sign has been given approval. It will be attached to the annexe of St Margaret's Hall and the council say care has been taken to protect the building. One objector said: “The proposed signage by reason of its size and overall design would appear entirely inappropriate.”