WASTE warrior Justina Pettifer, who runs The Healthy Life Company in Devizes, is urging customers to support her bid to help protect oceans from plastic.

Ms Pettifer, who brought the idea of refillable goods to her shop in the Little Brittox at the beginning of the year, will be giving money to the charity Plastic Oceans UK.

It as is a year long project which stared this month and will make the most of the shop’s walls of products that can be put into customer’s own containers.

She said: “We want to lead the change for our community in a more sustainable lifestyle.

“Our project ‘Wall to Wall’ is continually increasing our number of refill containers with a diverse selection such as dried goods, grains, shampoo, hand wash, local honey and rapeseed oil. “This project was kick started with the support of the people of Devizes.

“We now want to start the ‘Refill Revolution’ and are aiming for 500 liquid refills in the month of October.

“Once this is achieved we will donate £50 to Plastic Oceans UK. By simply refilling a container p2eople can both save a plastic bottle from going into the bin and raise money for a valuable charity.

“Over our commitment of twelve months that will be £600 raised by the local community.

Plastic Oceans UK works with businesses, scientists, schools and policy makers to change attitudes and behaviours towards plastic.

With over 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean each year its mission is to stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation. The link between The Healthy Life Company and the charity is being used to promote the use of refilling containers rather than disposing or even recycling them