TROWBRIDGE: Kevin Ayliffe, 26, of Newleaze, Hilperton, stood before magistrates on October 4 after being charged with the possession of cannabis on June 21. He pleaded guilty and was told to forfeit the drugs, as well as being fined £80, £32 to victim protection services and a further £85 to the CPS.

WARMINSTER: Frederick Stokes, 56, of Princess Gardens, had a pre-trial hearing in front of magistrates on October 4 after being charged with the possession of cannabis, on September 10 in Warminster. Stokes indicated a guilty plea and was fined a total of £197. Stokes also admitted breaching a non-molestation order during the period of a suspended sentence, but no action was taken for this.

WARMINSTER: A 28-year-old-man was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Warminster on September 14 and appeared before magistrates on Octover 4. William Sampford, of The Maltings, was acting in an anti-social way on Weymouth Street. He was made to pay a total of £157 for his offence.

WARMINSTER: James Sutherington, 47, of North Row, appeared in magistrates after being charged with assault. He had been accused of beating a woman. He pleaded guilty to this on October 4 and was forced to pay a fine of £300.

CALNE: Ellie Bishop, 24, of Broken Cross, appeared in front of magistrates on October 4, charged with assaulting a man in Calne. She pleaded guilty and was given a fine of £100 to pay by November.

DEVIZES: Marcus Pocock, of Sheep Street, pleaded guilty to stealing two bottles of Armani perfume, to the value of £70, from Superdrug in Devizes, on August 12. The 45-year-old is still yet to be sentenced.

MALMESBURY: Raife Baverstock, of Loiret Crescent, appeared at magistrates on October 2 after being charged with driving a Honda Civic recklessly. As well as this charge, Baverstock, 25, was also charged with failing to stop when told to do so by police, driving without a licence, and driving without insurance on the Honda Civic. Baverstock pleaded guilty to all four of the offences and was instructed to pay £565 as a fine.

CALNE: Shakori Bull, of Low Lane, was at magistrates court on October 2, accused of being in possession of two weapons in Chippenham. Bull, 18, was charged with illegally being in possession of a spear and a hammer. He indicated a guilty plea to both, and is yet to be sentenced.

ROYAL WOOTTON BASSETT: Alan Montgomery, of Squirrel Crescent, appeared in front of magistrates on October 2, charged with drink-driving on magic roundabout in Swindon, with 70 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. The limit is 35mg. Montgomery pleaded guilty to the charge. He has been banned from driving for 17 months and was fined £510.

LYNEHAM: Shreeya Rowe, of St Joseph's Way, was put in front of magistrates on October 2 after being charged with assault. The 35-year-old beat a man on July 20. She pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined £317.

SEEND: Michael Bailey, of The Lye, appeared in court after driving a Ford Focus without insurance, on two separate occasions on Bath Road in Devizes. He pleaded guilty, but under Single Justice Procedure was only convicted for one occasion of the offence. The 53-year-old was given six points on his licence and was fined £565.

TROWBRIDGE: Adam Maksi, 25, of Wingfield Road, who did not appear at court, was proved to drive a Ford Focus without insurance. The verdict was reached in his absence, and he is to pay a £1,031 fine.

WARMINSTER: Curtis Oversby, 23, of Woodcock Road, appeared before magistrates on October 3 after being charged with breaking a restraining order, placed by Harrogate Magistrates on June 8 2017. Oversby attempted to make contact with a woman over social media on two occasions on July 15 and September 30. He indicated a plea of guilt and was fined £525.

TROWBRIDGE: Kevin Hunt, 40, of Castle Street, admitted with theft. He stole two bottles of wine from Tesco, Trowbridge. The bottles were worth £14 and Hunt indicated a plea of guilt to magistrates on October 4. He was given a fine of £112.

WARMINSTER: Connor Oakley, 26, of Imber Road, pleaded guilty to drink-driving and was charged £197.