A COMMUNITY of neighbours have pulled together after a family’s home went up in flames on Wednesday morning.

Fire crews from Warminster, Trowbridge and Bradford tackled the blaze in West Street, Trowbridge, which broke out when the occupants of the house Craig and Zoe Savage were out.

There were four fire engines at the scene by 12 noon, along with around 15 firefighters.

Alan Richardson who lives directly next door was arriving home when he saw the fire.

He said: “As I came down the road I saw the pumps and I though it was going into my house so my heart dropped.

“We have all been doing all we can to help the family, and we are just lucky no-one was hurt.”

Another neighbour, Sarah Turvey said: “It was alarming to see the smoke coming out of the roof and it still smelt of smoke a few hours later.

“We know the family well and I offered them a place to stay and if there was anything they needed.

“We all know each other well round here, it is a close knit community so everyone pulled together.

“The emergency services were just brilliant, they were here so quickly.”

Danny Rodgers, who has lived in West Street for over 20 years, was the one to call the emergency services, after a Hills Waste lorry stopped to help.

He said: “I was in my house and could smell burning to start with, so I thought I had left the cooking on.

“Then I realised there was smoke coming from the roof of the house and the Hills lorry stopped and ran up the road to help.

“I would like to thank Hills for their help as they were so great, as were the fire services who got here so quickly and kept everyone calm.

“The family were rather upset and alarmed as we all were, but we have all told them that although it is annoying and an inconvenience but it is just bricks and water.

“No-one was hurt which is the main thing, it could have been very different if this happened at night with people in the house.”

The road was shut off as the house was ventilated to clear smoke but was re-opened after less than two hours. Motorists were advised to avoid the area to minimise traffic congestion.

It is understood that the occupants of the house have gone to stay with friends elsewhere in Trowbridge whilst repair work is carried out.