OVERFLOWING bins are attracting rats and flies say neighbours living near the row of uncollected rubbish waste on Bond Street in Trowbridge.

Locals have called for something to be done to clear up the mess outside flats in the Old Rose’s Bakery on Bond Street, which bin men now refuse to take.

The management company which run the flats on behalf of the landlord has been told to sort out the mess by the council, who this week put its foot down after receiving complaints.

Bin men can refuse to take refuse if bin lids are not properly closed on bin days.

However after not getting collected, the waste situation has been left to get worse and worse.

The bins have now become an eyesore on the residential street.

Brian Francis lives nearby and said: “Wiltshire Council needs to empty the bins and then provide education to the residents so that the problem does not happen again. Instead they are issuing court orders or similar, which the residents don’t understand. There is a total lack of understanding and empathy from the council and the rest of the community is suffering as a result due to rats and smells.”

Sharing a photo on social media of the overflowing bins, Mikey Brigham said: “The bin men refused to take and who could blame them. I’ve seen rats and cats eating the waste food. The council should take landlord to court for allowing this to happen.”

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said: “Our contractors cannot safely empty bins which are overflowing. We have been working with the management company who own the property and they are arranging for the bins and the bin store to be cleared and are making plans to avoid a similar incident in the future. We will continue to work with the management company involved and monitor the situation.”