SAINSBURY’S in Trowbridge have made an impact fundraising for local causes to help the community. Julia's House was their Trowbridge charity partner for 2018-19.

Customer experience assistant, Kirsty Burden said: “All of our charity buckets, book sales, all the funds go towards the charity of the year. Our customers helped raise £3536. We are really pleased with it as we don’t ever set ourselves a target, so we were surprised with the result.”

To celebrate Sainsbury’s 150th birthday earlier this year, they have been doing a scheme where staff do 150 days of volunteering for the community, to help people make connections to live well. This finishes on Wednesday October 23.

“On the day we gave out free tea and biscuits. The response has been great, and people have been enjoying it. Sainsbury's are paying staff to volunteer so we’re encouraged to do it. It’s new and exciting, as we’re giving back and getting involved."

They have recently held a coffee morning where the theme was coffee from around the world and residents from a partner care home, Goodson Lodge, were invited along.

“The coffee morning was really nice as people could come to socialise together quite a few colleagues have gone to see them with the volunteering scheme and we have had an arts and crafts morning. So, we’re hoping to continue our connections with them for longer."

A sunflower lanyard scheme has just started this month, to raise awareness for people with hidden disabilities. Customers who go in to shop can wear it so that people know they may need extra support.

“When customers shop wearing one, we know they may need extra help with shopping and to be more patient with them, as we would with everyone anyway, but we can be aware they may need that extra support.

“Especially with children with special needs or autism, other people can have patience. Parents can come in and not feel judged about it. It can be overwhelming for kids with the loud noises and bright lights. So, this can really help, and people are loving it. They have been really popular and all gone already, so we are getting more in.”