A FIREWORK display held at the Trowbridge Football ground on Thursday evening startled people living nearby who were not made aware of the event and say the the level of noise was unacceptable.

The 15 minute display took residents by surprise and caused distress for many pets.

Suzanne Bowyer, of Boundry Walk said her cat went missing after it was terrified by the fireworks.

She said: "The level of noise, disruption and distress caused to us in our own home adjacent to the football ground last night due to the firework display without prior warning was totally unacceptable.

"Had they given any thought for the residents of Boundary Walk?

"Did they give any thought to the elderly, the very young and those already suffering with anxiety and all of the animals?

"We now have your firework debris in our front garden."

Distant Thunder Fireworks who ran the display were closed today (Friday) and could not be reached for a comment.