A WESTBURY club has teamed up with the Starry Eyes talent show to find people who have the Star Factor.

The Player’s Club in Quartermaster Road is staging the Star Factor Competition, with heats on Saturday, November 16, 23 and 30.

The event is open to anyone who has a talent and the deadline for entries is Thursday, November 7.

It is open to all ages, the old and the young, an acts will be judged in three categories: 5-10 years, 11-15 years and 16 and above.

The first heat will take place on Saturday, November 16 starting at 2.30pm for the children’s competition and 7pm for the adults selection.

Club manager Ben Parrett said: “We are hoping that hosting the Star Factor competition will bring more people through the doors and put us back on the map as a family fun entertainment venue.”

Sally Boyle, who has run Starry Eyes Talent Shows in the past, said: “We want this event to help bring fun entertainment to the area.

“We want people of all ages and abilities, who are complete beginners or who are just starting out on their journey to become semi-professionals or even professional and want to showcase their talent.

“Although Starry Eyes have mainly focussed on singing in the past, there are lots of different sorts of entertainment that people enjoy, for example, magic, comedy, dance, acrobatics, musical theatre, or even unusual acts that people might find entertaining such as clever dogs or ventriloquism. The options are endless and we want to see those acts brought to Player’s Club in Westbury.”

She added: “There may be people in the audience that may be looking for certain acts for their own venues so the potential of work for these acts are also on the cards.

“The invite is open to all other owners of establishments or entertainment agents to come along and have a look to see if any of the acts could be suitable for any of their functions or events.”

People who get through to the final heats will be invited to take part in a Christmas Bonanza Show on Saturday, December 21 and the finalists will compete against each other in the New Year final on Saturday, January 11.

If you feel you are brave enough to take part or that you might be the one who has The Star Factor then get your entry in now. For an application form, email Sally Boyle at A.Jointeffort@mail.com

The entry fee is a £3 Donation in aid of the RUH Forever Friends Appeal.