A new factory shop has opened in Warminster selling eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Gifts company True Grace launched its new factory shop in Roman Way on the Crusader Park on Monday, October 28.

It will open from 10am to 4pm daily in the run up to Christmas before closing on Saturday, December 21.

The company sells its locally-made products all over the world offering the essence of England.

They include coloured dining candles, scented candles, diffusers, scented leaves, room sprays and fragrance samples and accessories, and toiletries such as hand creams, shampoos and soaps.

True Grace was founded by Roger and Philippa Biles in 2003 and makes beautiful sustainable products using natural ingredients.

Mr Biles found himself with a job lot of church candles left over from a Jigsaw Christmas window display.

He decided to sell them to his local restaurants, one of which just happened to be Cafe Boheme in Notting Hill.

Mr Biles said: “I realised that continuity is what you need to grow a business. If you are selling something which is being constantly consumed, in our case church candles in restaurants, then that is a good basis for founding a business.’

The company’s factory in Warminster now employs more than 40 people and True Grace also has a shop in London's Mayfair.

At the new factory shop, True Grace will offer visitors the opportunity to refill their bottles and containers.

Lucy Waters, of True Grace, said: “People will be able to return containers to be refilled, therefore, reducing waste and aiding the global movement to be more sustainable.”

The shop is being run by Kellie Adams, 22, and Camilla Anderson, 18, who say they have been busy since the opening.

Miss Adams, from Westbury, said: "We've had lots of customers coming in for Christmas gifts and it's been going really well."