EXPECTANT mothers are now facing more uncertainty after the results of the Trowbridge maternity unit consultations have been delayed once again, this time until January.

After months of waiting for the results, which were due to be announced in August but were delayed due to ‘annual leave’, pregnant woman and staff in Trowbridge will now have two more months to wait due to political purdah.

This means no decision will be announced before the upcoming general election as the results could affect the future of the maternity unit, which could be said to have political implications.

Health commissioners say that not enough mums are choosing to use the unit into the town and opt for births in hospitals such as the Royal United in Bath instead.

Wiltshire Clinical commission Group along with the whole local maternity system want to see Trowbridge and Paulton maternity units close, leaving Chippenham open but with reduced overnight beds.

Campaigners believe mums face longer journeys and greater expense if they lost the option to give birth in Trowbridge.

Campaigner Andrew Milroy said: “The number of women who delivered at Trowbridge in the first nine months of 2019 is 62.

“This is following restrictions on opening, so includes no night deliveries etc. A reasonable extrapolation would be 82-83 for the whole year. The pressure on the Princess Anne Unit, intended for specialist care such diabetic mothers etc, must be immense.”

Information on the CCG website states: “Thank you to everyone who took part in our consultation and shared their views with us.

“A final set of recommendations will be submitted to a joint meeting of the BaNES, Swindon and CCG governing body on January 16 where a decision will be made.”