WHEN we brought you the news that snow had fallen in parts of Wiltshire and Swindon, rain was forecast so the falling flakes came as a surprise. Many of you sent in pictures of your houses, cars and gardens as you woke up last Thursday morning and told us about your travels into work.

Here is what you said on our Facebook page:

Pete Hyde: Flaking in Devizes... thought I was dreaming!

Angie Smith: Maybe right this year and have a white winter.

Nick Cook: Yeah it very bad on the A46 Tetbury.

Tash Thirkettle: It was snowing heavy in Chippenham about 7 this morning but now it’s rain.

Robin Hodson: I got a warning of heavy rain, and actually got light snow.

TROWBRIDGE: The town's fire station could be in danger of losing its water rescue resources despite the River Avon being the biggest flood risk across the county. Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has confirmed a review is currently taking place to reassess its technical rescue equipment including water, height, confined space, animal rescue and people with certain health conditions.

Stephen Moore: This is the county town of Wiltshire a water carrier is essential. Just as a hospital is needed for the county town of Wiltshire!

Tony Felstead: Annoyingly this is where government will rely on local donations and charities like lowland rescue, SAR as these individuals will be able to donate their time for free...

WESTBURY: Mayor Cllr Mike Sutton has challenged Wiltshire Council leader Phillip Whitehead to come to the town to discuss air pollution concerns. He says Westbury is one of the county’s worst air quality blackspots and suffers from heavy traffic, growing congestion and poor infrastructure. Cllr Sutton is urging Cllr Whitehead to meet town councillors to discuss solutions.

Nathan Foot: Westbury wants clean air but welcomes a Hills plant with open arms.

Mike Hawkins: Wouldn’t be a problem if you got on and approved a route for the bypass.

Laurence Orchard: Definitely should have a congestion charge for Haynes Road. £1.99 toll per car and £2.95 per bus. It’s like Delhi out there.

MORE than 100 churches across Wiltshire have reported lead thefts and other criminal activity, a new report has disclosed. Since 2017, there have been 107 reported crimes in Wiltshire alone, says the Countryside Alliance rural campaign group, whose members are concerned that nothing is being done to raise awareness.

Charlene Whatley: With all due respect if some within the general public can’t be trusted then religious places should not be open at night or past a certain time. I also believe that there should be some sort of community fundraising to help equip the churches with cameras, motion sensor lights and security personnel in order to catch these disgusting thieves!

Stuart Seear: You’d have through there’d be someone watching over the church who was pretty handy in the lightning bolt department wouldn’t you..

CALNE councillors have hit out at plans to build a relief road as well as 7,500 houses in Chippenham. Council leader Phillip Whitehead and growth investment director Alan Richell spoke to parish and town councillors at Calne Library as they began their process of formal consultation after securing £75m from the government.

John Weller: I live in Park Lane in Chipp. In one hour counted 1,200 vehicles pass through so probably that amounts to 15,000 in 24 hours, and most are using it as a short cut to M4 so any new bypass is welcome.