You enter a world of theatrical chaos in the auditorium before the first lines of the play are uttered.

Even the programme is a glorious spoof, although there is a section of truth in it.

One wonders what the average length of stay in the theatre company might be for the individual actors in a production which must take a substantial physical toll.

They trip, slip and tumble; are thrown, clobbered by flying debris, mishandled props and collapsing scenery.

The timing is impeccable and you simply cannot stop laughing. The original children's story by JM Barrie has been adapted by Susie HK Brideswell for theatre company Mischief Theatre.

The production is ostensibly by the Cornley Youth Theatre. It takes brilliant professionalism to act like a bunch of incompetent amateurs.

There was one change to the published cast. Understudy Christian James took the role of Peter Pan, flying around with the greatest of un-ease.

Although it is very much an ensemble cast, with most actors taking several roles, Romayne Andrews deserves mention for his performance as the hopeless actor, Dennis, drafted in at the last minute and taking his prompts through headphones, robotically repeating every word he hears, including the shipping forecast and intimate revelations from a forgotten microphone.

Disasters manifest themselves in rapid succession but the plucky cast plough on with their fairy story, arriving triumphantly at the end, in tatters.

The special effects are technical masterpieces but it is the sublime skill of the actors which takes your breath away, if you have any left from laughing.

Jo Burnard