PUPILS get their voices heard as they find out more about the up and coming parities for the general election.

Sixth form pupils at Clarendon Academy asked questions to candidates at a hustings held on November 29.

The candidates in attendance were Emily Pomeroy-Smith for Labour, Ellen Nicholson for Lib Dem, Andrew Murrison representing Conservative and Julie Phillips for Green.

Sixth Form pupil Kyle said: "I thought it was really good talk. It's a shame I'm not able to vote though. It was a good thing to get to know the candidates and find out more. I'm hoping that they do another. "

Topics of interest were the voting age being lowered to 16 and university tuition loans.

Another pupil Alice said: "It was a brilliant opportunity to talk to candidates and educate myself on the future of what the next generation will be."

Ruby added: "It's important for us to to do as some parents don't educate people about it so it's good that they're could come here to speak to us.

Mike Griffiths, head of sixth form, chaired the debate. Sixth form pupils came up with questions on issues they felt strongly about.

He said: "The reason we arranged this is because we wanted our pupils to have a positive involvement with politics so a debate can be very useful.

"It was obvious that pupils were engaged in it particularly with NHS and Brexit."