THIS week we reported to you that supermarket giant Aldi announced they would not be opening their stores on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The company confirmed they would do this to give employees a break with family and friends over the festive period. They have done this for the past few years and also said these days will not come out of workers' pay.

Here's what you had to say on Facebook:

JANE KEATES: Well done Aldi ...not greedy like the rest of them

SONIA TOLL: Good for them. Every shop should do the same.

PAUL IVORY: Good show! Retail has slightly forgotten about the value of both time off for staff and family time. It's like the Cadbury Cream and Easter eggs will be out soon enough. We, as a society, need to get back to a more balanced life with less consumerism

LORNA HARLOCK: Speaking as someone who use to do a 45 hour week in a shop, I would imagine the staff would be happy to get 2 days off in a row, it is extremely taxing to keep going without time to recharge your batteries! Christmas is the worst time of the year for shopworkers, taken advantage of by management and abused by customers! And your family hardly remember who you are!

DEBBIE WICKENS: If we can't survive because aldi is shut for 2 days we need to have a word with ourselves Other supermarkets /shops step up and do the same please!

SIMON HEARD: The bigger supermarkets should do the same! Profit profit profit, that's all they are interested in!

YVONNE PIERCY: Brilliant, Boxing Day is for spending time with family, not shopping. Shop workers deserve more than one day off at Christmas.

LIZ TAYLOR: So they should everyone deserves a few days rest and enjoyment over the festive period and most buy enough to last a week let alone a couple of days .Well done Aldi .

We also reported this week that Cornwall-based bakery chain Warrens is to close all four stores in Wiltshire, costing 30 jobs across the county. The company said they were making these cuts because of 'continued Brexit uncertainty'. Staff are also still owed wages after a month of being unpaid.

Here's what you said:

TRACEY FISHER: My daughter is owed wages!! Thankfully she had recently left Warrens.. not good for the poor staff this time of year.

TRACY CLARKE: They are not communicating with any of the staff. My daughter heard nothing and hasn't been paid. She has been told to wait for a email and then maybe get paid in 4 weeks time. Feel sorry for all the staff as they all have bills to pay.

VEE TURNER: I voted remain, but I honestly don't think they can blame Brexit for this one. They are very expensive and are located close to Greggs....what did they expect?

PETE SPONG: Hardly surprising. Dearest pasty you will get this side of Harrods. Greggs all day long.

ROB GEERING: Not surprised,went to go into the Trowbridge branch with my well behaved little dog and told quite sternly dogs not allowed in,went elsewhere and haven't been back since.

JACK ANDREWS: For a business that’s been open less than 6 months in Trowbridge this is a little worrying. Greedy franchisee if you ask me.

COURTNEY POTTER: The one in Devizes today was bolted up from the outside. Still loads of food inside but a notice on the door.

SARAH LEDBURY: So sad, Warrens must have known it wasn’t going well so why open a shop and then close it with poor staff losing their jobs.

JAYNE SCOTT: Sign on door of Melksham shop says closed for refurbishment. Thought odd as they only opened last year. Initially excited to have a bit of Cornwall in our town, but personally not a fan, overpriced and bland veggie pasties. Hard for the staff.

MANDY BENN: When I was a kid bakeries were cheap but all these stores charge too much for pasties and bread.

JON CHAMBERLAIN: Shame. They weren't as good as the Cornish pasty shop in Chippenham but were a close second. Our store was only open for a couple of months too.

DAVID SNAPE: They were too expensive and did not cater for those with special dietary problems.

MIKE PEARCE: How does Brexit affect the sales of pasties?