Conservative: Andrew Murrison

Dr Andrew Murrison was born in 1961 in Colchester. Studying at Bristol and Hughes Hall, Cambridge. Andrew served for 18 years as a medical officer in the Royal Navy, leaving in October 2000 as a Surgeon Commander. In 2003 he was recalled to serve in Iraq.

Andrew was elected to Parliament for the then Westbury constituency in June 2001. Since the 2010 general election he has represented the constituency of South West Wiltshire.

In November 2003 he was appointed to the Conservative front bench as a health spokesman, transferring in July 2007 to defence.

In May 2010 Andrew became Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Health

In June 2017, Andrew was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for South West Wiltshire by a majority of 18,326.

In September 2017 he was elected Chairman of the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee. Andrew is Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Morocco and Tunisia.

On 9 May 2019 Andrew was appointed as a Minister of State at the Foreign and commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development.

Married to Jenny, Andrew lives near Warminster with their five daughters.

Green: Julie Phillips

Julie Phillips, a 10-year resident of Tisbury, is standing as the Green Party South West Wiltshire Candidate for the General Election.

Educated in social theory, philosophy and law, Julie has 20 years’ management experience in the Education and Care sectors and her teaching and counselling qualifications will enable her to be a very effective MP for the constituency.

Julie is committed to taking action to prevent a climate crisis by 2030. While the issue requires a global response, action is also necessary at a local level. For example high water levels and flooding on the rivers Frome, Biss and Nadder has occurred and as tributaries to the Bristol and Salisbury Avon rivers they are also carrying plastic out to the ocean.

While air pollution is lower in Wiltshire than other counties, the threat of a new Incinerator in Westbury could change this for the worse.

Wiltshire council pension fund has £64 million invested in fossil fuel companies which are not only in danger of becoming “stranded assets” but also promoting the use of coal, oil and gas. These ideas aren’t new. We need politicians who act on priorities.

Labour: Emily Pomroy-Smith

As a mother who is disabled and a part time wheelchair user, I am passionate about creating a world that is accessible to all and where everyone can contribute. I want us to live in, and for our children to grow up in, a community that values diversity and where there are resources “for the many not the few”.

I was born in London, educated in Wiltshire, studied and worked in London, and have a wealth of life experiences that inspire me to want to change things for the better. Disabled persons are infinitely resourceful, since leaving London to live in Trowbridge I have started my own business designing and making clothes for children. I volunteer in our community as a breastfeeding peer supporter, providing practical and emotional support to local mums.

Austerity has caused extraordinary damage to our wonderful community, and it is time for Real Change. I joined the Labour Party after the 2016 referendum as I was appalled at the prospect of a hard Brexit. I am standing as your Labour candidate in the most significant general election since 1945 as only a Labour government can address the many inequalities in education, health care, social welfare and housing.

Liberal Democrat: Ellen Nicholson

Ellen is proud to represent South West Wiltshire standing up for the open-hearted, community values shared by residents across the constituency.

A nurse by profession, she works in the university sector leading a programme that tackles primary care workforce development and healthcare. She is determined to fight the Brexit effect that is exacerbating our workforce shortages and impacting our local communities.

Her career includes significant experience working with national organisations such as National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). She is the Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrat Healthcare Resource Group undertaking health and social care research for current MPs and Peers, as well as a forum chair for the Royal College of Nursing. Her clinical career has been interspersed with working as a company director, pharmaceuticals and sales.

Locally, since selection, Ellen has led the local Lib Dems to a number of successful by-election wins, she is a local primary school governor and collaborates with local groups on special needs education, farming, rural affairs and rural crime. Nationally, she has a high profile in healthcare and campaigns for patient safety and safer staffing levels. Her experience as a lecturer drives her wish to provide fair opportunity for all.