MEMBERS of Sustainable Warminster have formed an action group to press for a climate change emergency declaration.

They have raised the issue with Warminster Town Council and Wiltshire Council's area board for Warminster.

Sustainable Warminster spokeswoman Clare Hancock said: "We have requested it is on the town council's full council agenda on January 20 at 7pm in Warminster's Civic Centre.

"Any members of the public who have concerns about climate change are urged to attend that meeting."

Climate change may also be on the agenda for the Warminster Area Board meeting on January 19 whose theme will be the environment.

Mrs Hancock added: "Sixty per cent of councils in the UK have declared Climate Emergency.

“Four Wiltshire town councils have signed up to this – Chippenham, Trowbridge, Salisbury and Bradford on Avon.

“Bradford on Avon Town Council were the driving force for action in declaring a Climate Change Emergency, but they also liaised with other local groups similar to Sustainable Warminster.”

Around 25 people attended a Sustainable Warminster meeting in the town’s Civic Centre on December 2 to listen to a talk by Cllr Alex Kay, from Bradford on Avon Town Council, on how they achieved their climate change emergency declaration.

Mrs Hancock said: “Alex Kay gave an inspiring and uplifting presentation about how their town declared their aim for carbon neutrality and made a declaration on climate emergency in their town council.

“It was great to hear how much had been achieved in such a short space of time and showed that with determination and direction Warminster can do the same.”

Small and immediate changes such as becoming totally paperless in all council activities have been implemented in Bradford on Avon.

Other issues may take longer but to be getting on with it is key. “Now is the time to do something,” Cllr Kay said.

Sustainable Warminster has booked Oxfordshire author Chris Goodall to give a talk on on February 7 at the Civic Centre, Warminster, at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5.

He will talk about climate change, alternative technologies and how to achieve a low carbon economy.