FOR four weeks, the Corsham Army Cadets have been busy collecting food for the community food bank at Bradford on Avon’s The Hub.

Sergeant Instructor Phill Rice of the Corsham detachment said: “The cadets had a lot of temptation, so we had to stop them eating some of the food. We had to tell them to keep your hands off as they’ve got their own.

“We have had a fantastic amount of food donated to us from the Corsham community. The food we collected totalled 88.8kg.

“It went really well so we were massively pleased as it was our first time doing it so to have that much, it was brilliant.

“We were running out of space to put things and we had a variety of stuff so we realised we had loads to give out.

“The MoD Corsham site helped which we appreciated.

“The cadets have really enjoyed organising it and taking part in a community project to help the area.

“I expect we will probably do another one and start it earlier than this year so we have more time to collect items.

“Really, we would like to say a massive thank you to the local community for their help, especially to the cadets parents who have donated a lot to the charity.”

Co-ordinator of The Hub Avril Clarke said: “The army cadets’ involvement was that they collected food and donated boxes.

“We really appreciate all their help especially when we see young people who make the effort as it’s important for them to come in and understand.”

A trustee of The Hub said: "The life blood of this place is from the donations. It's amazing that people care and the involvement of young people early on really helps as they get to see the difference it makes.

"So we really are grateful for all the support. Especially when we see kids make the effort because they're going to be the next future helping those in need.