A CHRISTMAS dinner, carols and festive games were enjoyed by around 50 people from Trowbridge at Tesco Extra on Monday.

Two sittings of the dinner were held, organised by Tesco in partnership with Company for Christmas to fight loneliness.

Tesco took on the lunch after it proved impossible to hold it at County Hall, as in previous years. Store community champion Maria Asquith said: “We thought we would just give it ago.

“It is really nice to see so many people turn up, we thought we would do two sittings as the room is quite small. Both were really well attended.

Kate Dewey from Company for Christmas said: “I am really pleased with the amount of people we have had turn up, it is nice to be able to do something like this in the town.

“The whole aim to combat isolation this festive period and show there is no need for anyone to eat Christmas dinner alone this year. It is nice to have something like this in the town.”