MALMESBURY: A planing application to build a new underground room and associated external works at Mill House, Easton Grey, has been approved with conditions. The property is within a flood zone. A council officer’s report agreed there were issues with the impact on the heritage assets, on neighbour amenity and drainage, but that the development was found to have floor levels no lower than the existing building, so the Environment Agency had withdrawn its objection.

CORSHAM: Heywood Preparatory School Priory has had an application approved for the installation of tile and snow guards. The building is a former outbuilding to Heyward Prep School now in use as a teaching facility. Previously the building has been described as a former fire station. It is Grade II-listed on the edge of Priory Street. There were no objections received and the town council offered no objection.

TROWBRIDGE: An application for 60 Bradley Road has been approved to carry out tree work but with conditions. An oak tree with a 45-degree lean is to be reduced by one metre in height and spread as well as a 10 per cent crown thin. Also the removal of the lowest limb that extends north across the drive in order to reduce the loading on the root plate. The work should be carried out within two years. It must not disturb or harm any protected species, or disturb their habitat.

CHIPPENHAM: A planning application for Kington Farm on Allington Lane has been approved with conditions for new agricultural buildings in an existing agricultural complex set up for handling grain and other crops.

In the officer’s report, Kington Langley Parish Council supports the application. There were issues regarding its scale and design.

In looking at these aspects, the report said: “The proposal occurs outside of any defined settlement boundary, however, the proposed building and use is clearly agricultural.

“The scale of the proposed building is significant. However it is typical of a modern agricultural building style.

“There are no immediate neighbours who would impact upon as a result of the proposed works.”

WESTBURY: A planning application for Brook Mill, Victory Road, West Wilts Trading Estate, has been approved for the demolition of the existing cereal bin building, a redundant plant building and warehouses as well as the construction of a feed mill, associated buildings, and parking.

Westbury Town Council had no objections but Heywood Parish Council objected the plans. It had two concerns, the first being over the increase in transport. According to the officer’s report “no transport statement has been submitted to take into account the increase in traffic and the impact of additional private and commercial vehicles on the B3097 and at the Platinum and Yarnbrook roundabouts.”

The second was that "the B3097 currently has a 50mph speed limit which is seen as inadequate in view of the increase in traffic volumes this application would create.”

TROWBRIDGE: A planning application for advertisements and signage at a new petrol station and car wash on the land at the junction of Westbury Road and Phillips Way North Bradley has been approved with conditions.

Southwick Parish Council had no comments and North Bradley Parish Council had no objection.

But one letter objecting said: “The main sign is 7m tall and 2m wide. It does not really need the V Power and fuelsave sections. The shell logo should be sufficient to tell drivers it is a fuel filling station.”