Local politics will be the focus of a new TV programme which does to air for the first time on Sunday.

Politics West, which will be on at 10am directly after the BBC's flagship Andrew Marr Show aims to put the local stories and issues at it's heart, not just a reflection of what's happening in Westminster.

Helen Thomas, director of BBC England said: "It’s never been more important to listen to people and the local issues which affect them. Politics West will put local democracy at the top of the agenda.

“What was clear from the general election is that while people are interested in Brexit, they’re also passionate about local issues,” Mrs Thomas added.

“The audience is well served by coverage of national politics on the BBC - but it’s our job to make sure we delve into what is happening on the ground in the west, discussing issues that really matter to local viewers," she said.

The new programme will feature local radio political journalists , regional political editors and the growing network of local democracy reporters.