PUPILS at a Westbury primary school have started the new term learning more about people from different countries and cultures including Africa and Greece.

Children in Year 2 had a thoroughly creative day decorating African tribal masks with geometric designs.

The masks were sculpted from sustainable Albesia wood and decorated in a traditional style.

During the afternoon. the children learned an African mask dance and performed this to parents who joined in.

James, 6, said: ‘ I really enjoyed making the mask and dancing with everybody was fun.’

Meanwhile, children in Year 6 launched into their topic, ‘What do we owe the Greeks?’ with a live parliamentary debate on whether the Elgin marbles should be returned to Greece.

Prior to giving an answer, the children conducted internet research, considering images of the marbles and reading newspaper articles on the subject.

To bring the day to life, the children also wore Greek costumes – many of which they created themselves.

Assistant head teacher, Abi Isherwood, said: “We are delighted to see the curriculum being brought to life like this. The children love learning in exciting and meaningful ways.”