PUPILS at Stonar Prep School in Atworth have presented a cheque for £5,156.34 to the Sumatran Orangutan Society, which is trying to protect the species and restore their rainforest habitats.

Rachel Groves, the SOS charity’s development director, was presented with a cheque at the school on Tuesday.

Mrs Groves said: "We are always delighted when schools carry out fundraising for us, as not only is the money raised incredibly helpful in achieving our goals in Sumatra; it also shows how much young people care about the environment and understand the importance of protecting it.

"We are grateful to everyone at Stonar school for their hard work in raising over £5,000 for our work in Sumatra."

Hannah McHardy, of Stonar School, said: “We are very proud to say the children, led by Sylvie, 7, and Meredith, 8, who campaigned to make this the school’s charity, have raised over £5,000 in their quest to save these endangered species.”

The orangutans’ habitats in the Sumatran rainforests are being destroyed and their population is dropping alarmingly.

The girls said: “Saving endangered animals is important, and by bringing back the rainforests, we’ll also be helping thousands of other types of animal too.”

Youngsters of all ages up to Year 7 raised the funds from a prep school treasure hunt, an Easter egg raffle, a school film night, a home clothes day, stalls at summer fetes, a summer celebration church collection, prep school disco, a t-shirt sale, a Christmas carol service collection, and ice lolly sales.