WILTSHIRE Council is considering its options on how to develop and pay for a new Trowbridge sports and leisure centre.

The council is making urgent remedial repairs to the existing sports centre in Frome Road but recognises in the longer term it will have to be replaced.

Cllr Alison Bucknell, the council’s cabinet member for leisure, said: “To develop a new sports centre anywhere is probably going to take two and half to three years.

“The option of having Clarendon closed for that time whilst we develop another one is probably not going to be palatable to the people of Trowbridge which is why we’re actually going ahead and fixing the one that’s broken.”

Cllr Bucknell said the council is trying to determine exactly where any future leisure centre will be located.

She added: “We are developing proposals to meet the future need for leisure in Trowbridge including potential new leisure facilities. We will share these proposals in due course. However, any future build that takes place will be decided on what we need to build and provide and what is currently available to do that.”

It is understood the council’s leisure review is looking at the potential of several sites to locate a new sports centre.

Council leader Phillip Whitehead said there are significant problems below ground on the site of the existing centre.

“The ground there is not good for building. So, you’re restricted in terms of what you build there but the build cost will be £10 million to £20 million more.

"Therefore, it is actually not a good site for a sports centre."