A DRUNK who urinated across the floor of a police cell has been recalled to prison – and jailed for another six weeks – after he admitted stealing his mum’s watch.

James Lait claimed he had taken the watch as recompense for £150 cash he believed she’d taken when he was in custody.

The 21-year-old, of River House, Chippenham, admitted a raft of other charges committed last May.

Police had been called to an area near Monkton Park, Chippenham, on May 6 to reports of men fighting. When they arrived, Lait was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

He was taken to Melksham police station, where he kicked a constable, used a racial slur to refer to a sergeant and urinated across the floor of his police cell.

Lait also admitted abusing a traffic warden on May 15 after the council officer ticketed his brother’s car in Chippenham. He said: “You’re lucky I don’t swing for your jaw.”

Two solicitors defended Lait. Mark Glendenning, mitigating for the theft of the watch on January 29, said his client had taken the watch in lieu of money he claimed was owed by his mother. Luke Jameson said Lait was remorseful for the threats made against officers. He had urinated on the cell floor as he was desperate, there was no toilet in the cell and he was unable to attract the attention of custody staff.

Magistrates jailed him for six weeks. He will be recalled to prison having been sentenced to 15 months for knife offences.