SINGER Raven Duran has written a song in memory of her friend Ellie Gould to help others feeling despair after a tragic event.

Raven, 17, from Calne, who shared a love of horses with Ellie, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend last year.

The two friends, who spent many hours riding together each week when they were young girls, remained friends at Hardenhuish School, Chippenham.

Raven like many other sixth formers at Hardenhuish was devastated by Ellie’s death at the hands of a fellow pupil and found it difficult to come to terms with it.

She said: “I was just sat in my bedroom feeling miserable when suddenly words for the song started to come to me. I wrote it for Ellie.

“It just flowed and I got it down in less than an hour. I then uploaded it on to my U-Tube channel and it became my best viewed video.

“The main point of doing it was to try and show other people who have been through a terrible ordeal that there are other people out there who feel the same way.

“I want them to know they are not alone.”

Raven, who plays the ukulele, also wrote the tune for song.

She hoped that it might be possible to use the song to help raise money for Riding For the Disabled which was a charity close to Ellie’s heart.

She said that no plans had yet been made to hold a fundraising concert but she and friends might try to stage something in the future.

She said: “Anything we can do to raise money for Riding for the Disabled would be great. It is a charity that meant a lot to Ellie.

Other school friends of Ellie are also keeping her memory alive by trying to get self defence classes introduced into PE lessons.

Ellie Welling, Harriet Adams and Tilda Offen are being backed by North Wiltshire MP James Gray. They visited Mr Gray and he has drafted letters of support.

The Thunder can be heard at