TROWBRIDGE came out to play in force today (Saturday) with more than 90 local hobby clubs touting for trade.

Hundreds of people wandered the miriad of stalls in the Celebrating Trowbridge event held at the Town Hall and the Civic Centre.

Billed as a community fair, the event was aimed at getting the people of Trowbridge off the sofa and out enjoying themselves.

"It's a bit like a college fresher's week'" said organiser Tessa Slack.

"We are trying to highlight how much is going on in the town by shining a light on the wonderful activities that go on here and to get people involved."

And she said she could have got more groups in, had she had more space.

Clubs from knit-and-natterers to, chess clubs, bell ringers and American Dodgeball were on show, as were camera clubs, theatre groups and some enthusiasts even dressed the part to entice newcomers to their stalls.

"We've had quite a bit of interest already," said the rather dapper Mike Freke of the Tea Dancers.

"We are a very social bunch, and would love it if more people came along for a tea dance once a month.

"We have a lot of fun, and even have a brightly coloured sock competition, so it's all light hearted.

"We would love it if more men came along... I think we need to tell them that Tea Dances are sexy. That should work!"

Six year old Ethan Lasrado was also doing his bit to get more people down to the Tennis Club. He said he gets to play with a small racket and a big ball to make it easier, and has his sights set on Wimbledon.

"The tennis club is very accessible,"said Helen Powell.

"We don't have a standards level entry so anyone can come and have a go. It is a community facility."