THIS week we brought the news to you that people who are cruel to animals could face up to five years in prison under a new law which has been backed by the Government.

The proposed legislation would increase the maximum sentence for the most serious animal cruelty from six months to five years, allowing courts to be tougher on crimes such as dog fighting, cruel treatment of pets and gross neglect of farm animals.

Here is what you had to say about the story on Facebook:

Julie Reece: Does that include the ones who hunt and kill our wildlife?

Beverley Grant: Not enough.

Jason Bartlett: It’s a start but five years is never five years in the UK.

Lee Collett: Waste of a cell, as Sabrina says an overhaul is well overdue. If we had more severe punishments in this country people might think twice about committing such crimes.

Mary Tapping: Most of these responses are way too black and white. There’s a world of difference between someone who sadistically abuses an animal and an elderly person who just can’t cope so their dog/cat etc in not in the peak of condition. In the past there has been consistent confusion about these matters. Here’s hoping that definitions have been clarified (in which case, the wording of charges should be more precise). Magistrates are only lay people who may know nothing about animal husbandry. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Denise Gould: About time, though it should be much longer for some of the cruel people (alternatively a few hours with a room full of animal lovers.

Michelle Morrison: What they do to the animal should be done to them five years should be a lot longer!

Heart of Warminster: About time and no, it’s not long enough as they won’t serve the full sentence.

Lin Pratten: That’s a joke, a chap on tv news got 20 weeks in jail for starving his greyhounds. He should have been starved not given that pathetic sentence.

Sabrina Brewer: The justice system needs a complete overhaul. There’s no way any of the “punishments“ fit the crimes.

Pawel Pieczora: A step in right direction. Add some sky-high fines.

Marion Penson: Not long enough five years will be the maximum!

Emma Caley: ‘Could face up to five years in jail’ but the judge will not ever pass this sentence... same as being caught carrying a knife on the streets, the judge could give up to a four year sentence but people don’t even go to prison , never ever has any judge used this law to the full advantage.

Rob Fox: A certain local MP I contacted a few years back, about increased sentences for animal cruelty, told me the law was fine as it is!

Emma Louise Plummer: Good!!! Longer would be better!!

Sandra Frapwell: Thought this was talked about a while ago obviously nothing been or being done. Just talk.

Rebecca Horsley Millard: About time...but five years is not enough.

Susan Vaughan: Could face?

Sheenagh Brown: No not long enough.

Hannah Carter: Not long enough

Rachel Downton: Not enough!!!

Tanya Hunt: Not long enough!!

Amanda Morris: not long enough

Marilyn Dickens: Should be 50.

Georgina Daniels: Still not long enough!

Linda Brancati: About time.

Jane Evans: What about most people who eat animals then how long will they get.

Claire Gregory: I hope so, think it’s only six months at the moment and that’s a disgrace!!!

Sue Bryson: Up to five years no deterrent.

Kirstie Sarah-louise Cripps: At least its something but yet still not long enough.

Hannah Schweitzer: Does this apply to people who eat meat as well?? Sending animals to slaughter isn’t that some of the most serious animal cruelty?

Tishy Tyler: Only five. Let the punishment fit the crime!!

Michael Hudston: Animal abusers should be hung drawn and quartered!

Maxine Whittick: not long enough make it 20 years as i expect these rat bag so called humans would be cruel to humans too.

Becky Sawyer: Good let's hope they get the full five years and not just half like they give every other crime.

John Bray: About time, should be flogged.

Darren Holder: Five years big fine and ban for life from having animals.