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Celebrate town

Last Saturday, we hosted Celebrating Trowbridge, a unique event which took over the town’s two principle spaces: the Civic and the Town Hall.

The event was an innovative collaboration between the Town Hall Trust and the Town Council, promoting around 100 community groups and attracting over 2000 people from across the town.

Whilst we hoped for a successful event, we were blown away by the enthusiastic response, both from the public and the groups.

Though many of us have known how much happens in our town beneath the surface, Celebrating Trowbridge gave groups an opportunity to put their heads in the sunshine and get the attention they deserve.

This is a vital step in our shared desire to make the town a more vibrant and connected place.

Our sincere thanks to everyone involved: the many marvellous volunteers, staff at both the Town Hall and Town Council and, of course, all those who gave up a Saturday to enable such a successful community event.

David Lockwood - Director of Trowbridge Town Hall

David Cavill FRSA - Mayor of Trowbridge Town Council

Thanks to police

Our police do not get very good press these days. I found them excellent when my husband, who has Alzheimers, went missing on Saturday morning. They immediately started searching the surrounding houses and gardens and the police helicopter was deployed overhead with thermal camera. They kept me up-to-date with how the search was going and took me to the place where he was found, unharmed but very cold. Thank you to all the police personnel who helped.

Also a big thank you to all the villagers of Dilton Marsh who helped in the search. The village community is alive and well in Dilton. I appreciated all the effort from so many whom I cannot thank personally.

My husband was none the worse for his escapade and did not realise that there had been such a hue and cry for him.

Thank once again to all who helped in the search which ended in such a good result.

Maureen Flynn, Shepherds Mead, Dilton Marsh

Little stargazers

The Nursery, Reception, Years One and Two children of West Ashton C of E Primary School held an evening of stargazing. The evening was a fantastic success with over 60 people in attendance. The children were able to see plenty of stars in the clear skies as well as the moon, the planet Venus and even the Milky Way. The children all enjoyed looking at the moon through telescopes.

The staff of West Ashton organised a wonderful event which included a Power Point to help the children identify objects and phenomena they might see in the night sky then there was hot chocolate with a story to warm everyone up. The evening ended with a performance from the Nursery and Reception children on Shooting Stars class to showcase their knowledge of planets.

Mrs Sandra Meehan, HLTA Shooting Stars, West Ashton School

Missing out

LAST Friday, the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford on Avon staged a wonderful concert by the Bath Philharmonia.

There were sparkling works by Tchaikovsky and Debussy. The highlight was a magical rendering of Tchaikovsky’s First piano concerto.

The soloist was a diminutive Georgian lass called Mariam Batsashvili.

Her fingers danced over the piano keys . She is well worth looking out for in the future.

What was interesting and somewhat perplexing was that most, possibly almost all, of the audience were new faces for us and must have come from Bath.

This is understandable to some extent as the orchestra comes from Bath, but folk are missing treats if they don’t get to the Music Centre concerts. It’s a case of booking early for the popular concerts.

David Feather, Broadley Park, North Bradley, Trowbridge

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