THE POUND Arts Centre in Corsham is looking for more teenagers to get involved in the programmes they have to offer.

Jonathan Mansfield, marketing officer at the Pound, said: “We want to make arts accessible to everyone, regardless of background or age.”

He added: “Teenagers are an intriguing group. They are very much in touch with global trends, acting out the cultures they encounter.

"We want to evoke more of this in young people and give them a wider taste of cultural trends in such areas as: films, comedy, music, theatre and art.”

“We’d really like to give young people a voice, a chance to offer their views on what we offer at the Pound. So, hearing what they have to say and what they think will give them an opportunity to build on confidences, skills and experiences, as well as socialize with other people their age. We do have some teenage volunteers here already and would certainly welcome more.”