ALONGSIDE the national debate about veganism, sixth form students from Abbeyfield School in Chippenham have made up their minds and have elected to have a meat free day one day a week.

Tamsin Smy, 17, and Lewis Chivers, 16, who run the student council, have received a very strong message from students from all years, after a survey they ran showed a need for the move.

Tamsin said: “We are a school that is very environmentally aware and we do a lot to reduce waste and recycle and so having meat free days is a further step towards contributing to a more sustainable environment. I have been vegetarian for seven years now and this is a project close to my heart.”

Lewis said: “After being approach by students from across all year groups at our council meetings, we then approached Paul Schafer, catering manager for G4S, with our idea and he is willing to take on our suggestion and run the first meat free day, which we have yet to set a date for.

"There seems to be a misconception that if you are vegan or vegetarian then you only eat grass or will lack essential proteins, we are trying to change that view.

"Our menu could include vegan lasagna and vegan macaroni cheese. Vegetarian options are already on our menu and these will continue.”

Tamsin said: “Young adults are becoming far more aware of veganism and what it stands for and feel the positive effects are not just to their physical wellbeing but also their mental health.”

She added: “We feel very strongly about this and are looking forward to it being an established part of our lunchtime menus.”

Joint head Ralph Plummer said: “This is such a good example of our students working positively to change things for the better, they have had great meetings with G4S our canteen providers and have some great plans and ideas. I have been really impressed with their professionalism and commitment to a cause they feel strongly about.”