MORE than 30 people living in a quiet Trowbridge street are urging Wiltshire Council to take enforcement action against drivers who park outside their homes.

Members of the Yerbury Street Residents' Association say people using the town centre are constantly parking free of charge in ‘resident permit holders only’ spaces.

Jerry Brumby, 53, a member of the association, says he’s fed up with asking the council to enforce the parking regulations in the street.

He said: “People are parking their cars there without tickets or resident permits. It’s happening during the daytime and in the evening.

“People are having to think twice about going out and taking their car because they can’t park when they come back home. There is nowhere to park.”

Mr Brumby, of Yerbury Street, who works as a clinical research manager for Roche, says the association has asked the council to enforce the parking regulations. Residents pay £80 for a permit to park in the street, and an extra £100 for a permit for a second car.

Drivers are using the street to avoid paying for on-street parking or in the council’s nearby Lovemead car park. From Yerbury Street it is only a short walk along Roundstone Street to Trowbridge town centre.

Some drivers are using Yerbury Street during the daytime, but Mr Brumby says an increasing number are parking there during the evening.

He added: “It is free town centre parking. During the evening it is becoming a real issue. Residents arrive home and find they can’t park outside their home.”

The residents have an informal arrangement to use Lovemead car park if they can’t find a parking space outside their home.

Mr Brumby says they would prefer the council to enforce the regulations but says the parking wardens’ efforts have been sporadic.

“They have recently changed the charges and have stopped using stickers on car windows. It is now done electronically. That means we can’t tell whether a vehicle belongs to a resident or to someone who shouldn’t be parking there.”

Cllr Bridget Wayman, council cabinet member for highways, said: “This is inconveniencing those who do have permits. This area is patrolled by our officers as part of our regular routes and penalty charge notices are being issued to any vehicles in contravention.”

“If anyone is unsure of what permits they need then we are happy to speak with them to clarify.”