POLICE in Malmesbury have hit out at those ignoring government guidelines and are failing to confirm with social distancing.

Despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordering everyone to stay at home, officers have dealt with a number of people engaging in non-essential trips into Malmesbury.

They have also reportedly received 'rude behaviour' when enforcing the rules.

A spokesman for Malmesbury police said: "We are saddened and frustrated that some members of our community are putting us all at risk by continuing to go outside of their homes and engaging in normal activities.

"Please may we remind everyone that the Prime Minister has ordered everyone to stay at home.

"You are allowed to leave your house only to shop infrequently for basic necessities, exercise once a day, obtain medical help, care for a vulnerable person or to travel to work if your role is essential.

"Your community officers are currently trying to deal with people who are failing to conform to social distancing and who are persisting in engaging in non-essential trips to the towns and shops.

"Buying fence paint is not essential.

"Seeing your friends is not allowed.

"Being rude to the Policing team who are trying to keep everyone safe is incredibly disappointing.

"Please help us spread the message that these restrictions must be taken seriously.

"Reach out to your friends and families, encourage them to follow the current restrictions and challenge those who don’t."