AN 11-year-old Trowbridge girl has donated her free school meals hamper to the food bank.

Sienna Day, who is a year seven pupil at Lavington school, was "happy to help" those less fortunate during the Covid-19 crisis.

The hamper, which is filled with essentials, was donated today (Friday) by Sienna and her mum, Karan Day, 50.

Mrs Day said: "We decided it would be a nice idea with everything that's going on at the moment.

"We decided to donate it to a food bank and they were really, really pleased.

"We felt we had done a good turn today and Sienna was pleased."

The Day's are due to receive one of these hampers every week as part of the new government measures following the closure of schools.

Mrs Day said that they will continue to donate anything they don't need.

She added: "I thought, why not? We have enough in right now if it's excess to us then hand it over.

"If we have one of those every week, then whatever we're not using I shall take down. What's the point of keeping it hanging around?"