VANDALS have sprayed graffiti on a children’s play area in Calne while it was closed by coronavirus restriction to the dismay of police and the town council.

The town council said the damage to the play area at North End was caused last week.

A spokesman said: “Damage to our play areas at any time is unacceptable. We are therefore very disappointed to report that damage was caused last week to our Play Area at North End.

“There are parents out there who are not being responsible for the actions of their children. The advice is simple - stay at home. Our play areas are closed.

“If you have any information please lets us know”

A Calne police spokesman said: “Extremely disappointing behaviour, especially at this time. We will checking cctv footage.”

Police are also warning people to stay away from Calne Skate Bowl which has also been closed because of the virus.

A spokesman said: “Short message to our younger members of the community - along with other enclosed play parks, the Calne skate bowl is closed.”