DEVIZES disco queen Leanne Middleton got people dancing on Friday night when fans from as far away as Australia were on their feet to show support for health care workers.

A week ago mum-of-three Leanne, 42, thought she would stage a distance disco for neighbours at Jump Farm as a one-off.

But so many people joined in and viewed her antics on Facebook she decided to make it a regular event and streamed it on-line.

The children’s party entertainer said: “It went amazingly well. I believe we reached nearly 6000 people from as far away as Australia and America.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t get The Devizes issue live link too work but it was shared on there later.

“So many more came out in my street too dance from their properties and I know of people having street parties - from their gardens and keeping their distance.”

Leanne who runs Face It And Dance was joined by DJ Tony Hollands and will be back again on Friday at 7pm for half and hour of fun for children and then half an hour of song requests.

She praised daughters Sophie, 18, and Jessica, 13 who helped her organise the event and third daughter Chloe who is a support worker.

One person who took part said: “What a way to bring people together with music, dancing, laughter and happiness which we are all searching for through such an unknown sad time.

“I only mention to my neighbours how lovely it would be if we could meet in the street at distance and have a dance.

“I’ve never connected with my neighbours the way I did Friday night and I feel that my street and little community has become such a tight network and our friendships will last forever.

“Leanne you made life different and made people come together and feel happy thank you. How beautiful.”

Leanne told police of her plans and was given the go-ahead to hold it.