A WESTBURY four-year-old has raised a massive £305.47 so far to help buy bacterial handwash and PPE for her local primary school at Bitham Brook.

Ruby Vaughan staged a sale of some of her old toys on the driveway of her home in The Butts on Friday May 15.

Mum Anna Hemingway, 30, said: “Ruby wanted to raise money for her school as she knows she will be returning soon.

“She wanted it to be safe for everyone at her school and the teacher. So far, she’s managed to raise an amazing £305.47.”

Ruby is in the reception class at Bitham Brook Primary but has been doing schoolwork at home since the Covid-19 lockdown began.

Miss Hemingway added: “She saw some of the people in our road selling plants and decided to sell her old toys, such as puzzles and soft toys that she has outgrown.

“We went down to the school to speak to the teachers and are going to give them the money Ruby has raised to spend on PPE and hand wash.”