Award-winning British designer, Tom Lawton has launched the Uplift 2.0 with £10 from every sale going to Penryn-based charity Sea Sanctuary to help those in need of mental health support.

The Uplift 2.0 is a solar powered spiralling sculpture made from recycled fishing nets that generates a soothing motion designed to help relax the mind.

Tom Lawton said: “Inspired by the ocean, Uplift 2.0 inspires you to unwind, relax, and find a meditative moment of calm in everyday life.

“But it's not just good for your mind, it's good for our planet too.

"I wanted to make Uplift 2.0 in a beautiful aquamarine colour, translucent like ocean waves, so I turned to the coast in search of inspiration.

“There I found the same problem we are all staring at, but rather than feel despair I saw incredible potential in the marine plastic that littered the beach."

On average, every single waste fishing net allows Tom Lawton to make roughly 70 Uplift 2.0's. With 1,000 pre-orders already taken, Lawton is using 100kg of recycled material in his initial batch, the equivalent of fifteen fishing nets.

For every Uplift 2.0 sold on, £10 will be donated to Sea Sanctuary and go into the ‘Be Uplifted Bursary’ to aid those seeking finical support in order to access the charity’s services.

The charity uses a combination of sail training, marine activities and evidence-based therapies to help people struggling with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and a range of mental and emotional health problems.

Charity founder, Joe Sabien said: “Uplift 2.0 will help us slide, effortlessly, into a place of relaxation and remind us to be in the ‘here and now’.

“As someone who has a long-standing and deep passion for the sea, if I could open my house up and invite it in, I surely would.

“To my mind, this is the next best thing.

“It seems, ostensibly, to capture the very essence of the sea; gentle, calming, blue and dreamy.

“Thank you, Uplifting Products, for your kind financial support which will help us to continue helping some of the most vulnerable people in society; those afflicted with mental ill health.”

Uplift 2.0 is designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in England.

It’s available for pre-order now from with delivery in June.

RRP: £185.