TWO good friends in Hilperton have completed a 100-kilometre ride in the cul-de-sac where they live to raise funds for the NHS.

Six-year-old Evie Cahill and her nine-year-old friend Rachel Glen have been riding their pedal bikes around Moyle Park in Hilperton every day for the past two weeks.

The pair have cycled 7.2km each day to raise more than £530 so far for the NHS Charities Together to support frontline staff in the battle against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Evie's mum, Catherine Cahill, 35, said: "Evie and our neighbour, Rachel Glen, have thought all by themselves to cycle 120 laps of our cul-de-sac, keeping at least a two-metre distance, every day for two weeks to raise money to support NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients.

"They have covered approximately 7km every day and over two weeks the total will be 100km.

"I think Evie has fallen off her bike about five or six times. She even fell and grazed her elbow but wanted to complete it so she got back on her bike and carried on.

"They just want to give back to the nurses, doctors and volunteers that are helping patients during this pandemic.

"They really are inspirational and have such determination and kindness in their hearts to think of this fundraising idea to give back to the NHS.

"NHS staff and volunteers are doing amazing work right now in caring for COVID-19 patients."

"Together, let's show our respect and gratitude as they work tirelessly in the face of the virus. It's our turn to make sure we look after them, to ensure they can keep doing their vital work."

Evie said: "I have really enjoyed cycling every day with Rachel and we have done our bit to raise money for the NHS. I fell off a few times but I got back on my bike and carried on. I'm proud of myself but also tired."

Rachel said: "It's amazing how much money we have raised and thank you to those who have donated. I'm very proud for completing it."

The pair have been cheered on by Evie's father, Peter Cahill, 39, and her grandparents, Angela and Robin Wolfe, who live in Melksham, as well as Rachel's parents and neighbours.

Evie goes to The Mead Primary School in Hilperton, while Rachel is a pupil at Newtown Community Primary in Trowbridge.To donate to Evie and Rachel's fundraising campaign, go to