The following plans have been decided upon by Wiltshire Council this week.

WARMINSTER: Mr MacFarlane of 49 Highbury Park was refused planning permission for a retrospective application to demolish an existing boundary wall and replace as new, as well as put up a six-foot fence half a metre in from boundary wall around the perimeter of the front side garden.

The decision said: “The unauthorised close-boarded fence that is constructed to the front of 49 Highbury Park constitutes a visually obtrusive structure, which fails to positively integrate with the surrounding area and streetscape and does not respect the open character of Highbury Park.”

WARMINSTER: The Wiltshire Council highway depot in Furnax Lane is set for redevelopment. These updates to the site will include a new salt store, eight additional vehicle bays, welfare facilities and external storage areas.

SOUTHWICK: Mr and Mrs Martin have launched an appeal with the planning inspectorate against an enforcement notice given by Wiltshire Council, which alleged there was an ‘unauthorised change of use of the land from agriculture to a mixed-use of agriculture and residential, as well as the siting of an unauthorised shipping container’ on Breach Lane Orchard, Breach Lane in Winsome Street.

CASTLE COMBE: An American style barn is set to be raised at 1 Fairfield in Upper Castle Combe after plans submitted by Mr and Mrs Loveridge were given a green light.

The single-storey barn will replace the existing timber stables at the property. The development will also include a manure clamp, an improved gateway and stone ribbons for an access track.

STAVERTON: Plan to enclose the outdoor seating and dining area at the Old Bear Inn in Staverton (pictured) has been rubberstamped.

BISHOPS CANNINGS: No objections were made to plans to cut down an apple tree and a small, dead ornamental tree at Glebeland in The Street.

EAST STOWELL: Plans for the demolition of existing garages and the development of a new five-bay garage at Stowell Park have been approved.

MALMESBURY: Mrs Copeland of Avon Bank in Roundmead has had her plans to replace an existing garage with a triple carport with lean-to log and bin storage approved.

GREAT SOMERFORD: Mr Jeremy Davis of The Manor House in West Street has been given permission with conditions to build an annexe from an existing garage and stable. One such condition, as stated in the decision is that the annexe shall ‘not be occupied at any time other than for purposes ancillary to the residential use of the main dwelling’.

MELKSHAM: The construction of a two-storey extension, comprising of a garage and utility on the ground floor and a fourth bedroom with ensuite on the floor will follow the demolition of an already existing garage at 68 Kenilworth Gardens.

HILPERTON: Anita and Annabelle Dawson Moray of 190 Devizes Road have been grant planning permission for the conversion of an existing detached garage to form ancillary habitable accommodation linked to the host dwelling.

CHIPPENHAM: Planning permission has been refused to Mr Kaye of 5A Market Place for the chase of use and formation of 11 self-contained apartments including a second-floor extension.

The decision stated: "The proposed development, due to the size, scale, bulk and incongruous materials of the mansard roof together with the poorly designed external staircase, would be poorly designed and would fail to integrated into its surroundings and fail to protect or enhance the character and appearance of the Chippenham Conservation Area, or the setting of the nearby listed buildings."

MELKSHAM: Plans for the construction of a one-bedroom bungalow, submitted by Mr and Mrs Davis of 10 Maple Close have been refused. The plans were rejected citing that the knocked back development would 'harm the character and appearance of the area, and would subsequently fail to accord with the design' of the council's core strategy.

The statement also stated that the development would not provide 'satisfactory living conditions' for future occupiers. Equally, the decision stated: "The application lacks sufficient detail pursuant to surface water drainage and provision of on-site car parking, and as a consequence, it would fail to comply with the essential policy requirements for sustainable forms of development as set out by the adopted WCS and the framework."