A WILTSHIRE businessman has been given three months to remove a shipping container at the back of his house.

Gary Gale-Sides, of Atford House, Bath Road, Atworth, lost his appeal against a Wiltshire Council planning enforcement notice.

They had ordered him to remove the container which has been there since July 24 2018.

Mr Gale-Sides runs a computer software development firm, Eastfield Solutions Ltd.

He has been told to "permanently remove" the unauthorised shipping container within three months of May 18.

Wiltshire Council said Mr Gale-Sides has breached planning controls and does not have planning permission.

The enforcement notice was originally issued on November 13 last year and was withdrawn before being re-issued.

Planning inspector JP Roberts said: "There is no dispute that it was in place long before the issue of the notice.

"It is the size of a small garage, and larger than many sheds, both of which are readily recognised as buildings.

"The container is permanently in position and there is no limit to the length of time it might remain there."