A woman in Northern Ireland is trying to make contact with an old school friend who moved away to Wiltshire.

Alana McMahon, 66, from Lurgan, is searching for her old school friend, John Clark, who would now be aged 65.

Alana's daughter, Holly Pepper, 33, from Lurgan, said: "My mum and John were best friends at King's Park Primary School.

"Then John moved away and the last we heard was that he lives in Wiltshire but we are unsure where.

"He is originally from Lurgan in Northern Ireland.

My mother was Alana McMahon back then. She married and got divorced six years ago.

"We know that John had brothers called Phillip, Arthur-Paul and Keith-Geddis. My mum thinks some of them may be in Australia. His mother was called Betty."

"We believe John named one of his daughters Alana. We are just hoping someone knows him."

To make contact, please call Holly Pepper on 07738 968375.