VISITORS to the popular beauty spot at Warleigh Weir near Claverton have been banned for the foreseeable future.

Johnny Palmer, the owner of the weir near Bath, has posted a video online saying the island had been fenced off to the public. He has been annoyed by the anti-social behaviour and actions of sunbathers and swimmers using the weir.

Mr Palmer said people had been defecating in bushes, had left behind litter, and had failed to observe the two-metre social distancing guidelines.

He added: "After two years of saying it and threats, I have had to finally fence off the island.

"I put a bunch of Heras fencing around the existing fencing across the bridge so it is pretty hard to get in here."

Mr Palmer had previously threatened to close off the weir and island because hundreds of people using it each summer had left behind their rubbish and were parking their vehicles along the A36 road to Bath.

He bought the land two years ago through the Warleigh Island Conservation Project Ltd, a not-for-profit social enterprise company that he founded.