TROWBRIDGE marked the final clap for carers evening in style - with live music and its own version of a Red Arrows fly by.

Pilot Mark Jones decided to tip his wings in salute to the key workers we have stood on driveways, doorsteps and pavements for the 10th week to applaud.

He built the plane himself, and flew across his home street in Cornbrash Rise to the delight of clapping residents. "I think he took a few people by surprise," said his partner Kim Bigwood said.

"But he flew across and waggled his wings as people were clapping."

Cornbrash Rise was also treated to some live music from musicians Babs Bennington on saxophone and Lucy Lund on Tenor Horn.

"We live on a horseshoe shaped road," said Kim "So we couldn't see them - but we could hear them.

"The clapping has brought us together. I don't know if it will continue in the same way now, but it has been great and given us all a real sense of community spirit."

On Thursday evening many of us in Wiltshire grabbed our pots and pans, scooped up the dog, and nervously looked out of the window to make sure our neighbours were doing the same.

The woman who founded Clap for our Carers has said she is stopping now it has "carried us through the peak of the crisis".

Clap for our Carers first took place on March 26 and quickly took off, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and members of the royal family taking part.

The campaign was originally to show praise for NHS staff but was later extended to many other key workers, including care home staff, teachers, supermarket workers and delivery drivers.

So is this the end of the weekly clap or is it part of something bigger?

Let us know your thoughts.