WILTSHIRE author Giuliano (Julian) Carosi has published the final book of his Corsham Revealed trilogy.

The latest addition to the self-funded trilogy on the forgotten history of Corsham is now available in local shops.

Julian's first two books are still available and comprise Corsham Revealed, second edition with 232 pages, and Corsham Revealed More with 307 pages.

The books are all A4 sized and contain hundreds of photographs of Corsham's interesting and often hidden past.

Mr Carosi, 67, of Williams Close, Corsham, said: "Corsham Revealed Three continues exploring the hidden and long forgotten history of Corsham, and amongst other subjects, the new book contains a detailed chapter of the Duke of Edinburgh and his role as an instructor at HMS Royal Arthur in Corsham at the time of his engagement to Princess Elizabeth."

"There are also three detailed walks around Corsham, with notes on what you can expect to see, a description of Army Manoeuvres 1903, with some fabulous unseen photos of thousands of troops amassing in Corsham, and interesting newspaper reports of happenings in Corsham between 1862-1881.

"Other chapters cover the Clutterbucks of Corsham - Daniel Hugh Clutterbuck was injured at the Charge of the Light Brigade in 1854 and is buried just inside the front gate into Corsham's St Bartholomew's' Church."

There are also details on the WW2 Corsham Central Ammunition Depot that still lies beneath Corsham, and the huge explosion at its sub-depot railway sidings at Savernake.

Mr Carosi also recounts stories of Corsham's Home Guard during WW2, the role of RAF Rudloe Manor during its time in Corsham, and the first motor vehicle registrations in Corsham.

There is also a very detailed history of The Priory - now Heywood Prep School - beginning in 1066.

Mr Carosi has unearthed details of the tannery that once stood at the bottom of Pound Pill and was managed by the Goold family.

The third book also contains a 29-page Corsham Timeline stretching from the Roman period to modern times, that captures Corsham's history in chronological order.

Mr Carosi's new book is dedicated to his former father-in-law John Aibl, who unbeknown to Julian during his research, appeared in the local paper after sighting Corsham's first Unidentified Flying Object in the skies on November 20 1955 when along with two companions, "they watched two 'flying saucers' hovering over Corsham".

Around 1,000 copies have been printed, which are available from the author on 01249-714552 or email juliancarosi@corshamref.org.uk.

Alternatively, message Mr Carosi on Facebook at facebook.com/messages/t/julian.carosi.10, search for Corsham Revealed online at eBay, or buy from Janet Brakspear at Corsham Bookshop on 01249 715988.